Tires, Alignment, and Shocks

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From passenger and light truck to heavy duty tires for the ranch, farm or heavy hauling, Brown’s Auto Service offers tire repair, balancing and alignment and new tires from the brand we trust.

Tires Billings MT


To protect your vehicle from premature wear and extend of the tires and suspension, alignments are crucial. Brown’s Auto Service technicians will effectively alignment. to protect your vehicle from premature wear and maximize life of the tires and suspension. An alignment is recommended anytime you replace two or more tires as well.

Shocks and Struts

Bumpy ride? Noisy when you stop? How about swaying when you turn or change lanes? Control the safety, ride and control of your vehicle with  a proper inspection and repair. Their main function is to reduce the effect of the springs and keep your wheels in constant contact with the ground, greatly improving your control of the vehicle. Because they are a part of the complex suspension system, shocks and struts tend to wear over time and should be inspected at least once a year. We recommend this service along with a yearly wheel alignment.

If you notice a decrease in the handling of your vehicle, irregular bouncing or rocking back and forth, an immediate inspection is essential to avoid accidental loss of control and a potential accident. Worn shocks and struts must be replaced in pairs to maintain the safety and control of your vehicle.

Your Tire Factory technician may recommend gas-charged shocks and struts, an option designed to reduce foaming of the shock-absorption liquid. This will improve performance, enhance control and help them last longer.

Although they work together, replacing shocks and struts does not make up for the shortcomings of worn springs. It is a good idea to have your springs replaced by our technicians at the time of shock/strut replacement.

Replace your shocks & struts every 50,000 miles